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Boxing Bag Stand/Power Tower and Sting Boxing Bag


Boxing Bag Stand/Power Tower and Sting Boxing Bag

A great home gym package!

Part of our massive range of
used and ‘as new’ fitness equipment
at bargain prices!!

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  • Vertical Leg/Knee Raise Station – This will firm, tone and tighten your abs and obliques. Easy step up with padded arm and back supports  to keep you balanced and comfortable.
  • Chin-up/Pull-up Station – Build bigger and stronger back and arm muscles with multiple different grip positions.
  • Dip Station – Trim, tone and sculpt your triceps, chest and shoulders for a powerful upper body.
  • Push-up Station – Perform deeper, muscle defining push-ups on the padded hand grips. Engage your abs, biceps, triceps, chest. shoulders, lower back, glutes and quads for an explosive workout.
  • Padded Sit-up Foot Supports – Perform your sit-ups comfortably and securely with convenient foot supports.
  • Boxing Bag Station – Includes a quality Sting boxing bag.

Here at Mr Treadmill, all our used equipment goes through our service department before being sold to you. We then incorporate a MR TREADMILL IN STORE WARRANTY on all second-hand machines!

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