Is your gym workout safe?

Is your gym workout safe? Why you should stop going to the gym and workout at home. Let face it, gyms are hot, sweaty and confined spaces with lots of people breathing and sweating everywhere and now is definitely the time to avoid them. According to the Australian government's Department of Health, COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreads by: coming into contact with droplets from an infected person's cough or sneeze by touching objects or surfaces contaminated from a cough or sneeze from a person with a confirmed infection, and then touching your mouth or face. At a gym people are coming in and out all the time, touching and sweating on all the equipment. Wiping down with a towel won’t reduce the risk of infection. Removal of germs such as the virus that causes COVID-19 requires thorough cleaning followed by disinfection. You can take control of your health and build you immune system with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Buy or hire Buy or hire workout equipment from Mr Treadmill. We have a HUGE range of new and top-quality used fitness equipment as well as great hire deals. We deliver too! THREE GREAT WAYS TO GET FIT OR STAY FIT! BUY NEW BUY USED HIRE

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Treadmills v’s exercise bikes v’s rowing machines v’s cross trainers

Many people prefer the convenience of their own exercise machine, in the privacy and comfort of their home, to joining a gym or exercise class. But which exercise machine is best for you? There are 4 main types of home exercise machines that people are most familiar with: Treadmills Exercise bikes Rowing machines Elliptical cross trainer Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. The best one for you will depend on your personal circumstances, but we hope our guide below will help… Treadmills Treadmills are the most popular type of exercise machine. If you can walk, you can use a treadmill. They come in many different models - from basic treadmills aimed at people who just want to do some gentle walking, to high tech machines with computerised programs that adjust the speed and incline automatically. You can event get programs that replicate populate running courses around the world! How about doing the London or New York marathon without leaving your lounge room? Benefits of a treadmill You can run even when the weather is too cold, or too hot, to go out on the street. They’re good if you don’t feel safe running in your neighborhood at night, and don’t have time to run during the day. The machine controls your pace. Unlike bikes, rowers and cross trainers, you have to run at the speed dictated by the treadmill. This can be a great way to force you to work hard. Disadvantages of treadmills They are only good for running or walking, so they don’t provide any upper body exercise. Running can place a lot of strain on the joints, especially the knees, hips and ankles (although treadmills provide a lower impact option

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Top 5 reasons to jump on a rowing machine today

1. Rowing is a total body workout It really is! For some people rowers may seem to be all about the upper body. In fact, you're working 9 major muscles groups: quads, hamstrings, glutes, lats, core, shoulder, triceps, back and biceps. Rowing is all round strength building and great cardio! 2. It’s low impact Rowing is the perfect low impact alternative to running. The smooth action minimizes the chance of injury while still providing a high powered workout. If you're interested in losing weight, increasing your fitness level, or simply becoming more active, but a sore knee, hip or ankle restricts you from participating in traditional exercises such as walking or jogging then rowing may be just what you need. Research has found that low impact fitness activities like rowing may actually promote the healing and recovery of damaged joints, thereby allowing you to return to other activities over time. 3. Great calorie burning According to Harvard Health Publications, rowing at a moderate pace for 30 minutes burns about 210 calories for a 56 kilo person and 311 calories for a 84 kilo person. The amount of calories you burn obviously will depend on the speed you row, the level of resistance and the length of time you row for. 4. You are in control Your rowing workout is controlled by how hard you push or pull. You can also set different levels of resistance on a good quality rowing machine. For people who struggle with balance or adjusting a moving treadmill, a rowing machine is a great option. A quality rower will also include a range of programs to make your workout more interesting. Things like distance rowed, time, races and games are commonly

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Is Pilates for me?

Pilates (or more correctly ‘the Pilates method’) is becoming more and more popular thanks to its low impact, total body workout techniques. But what exactly is Pilates and how do you know if it will work for you? Pilates began as a series of over 500 exercises developed in the 1920s by physical trainer Joseph Pilates. It was inspired by his study of techniques used in calisthenics, yoga and ballet. Joseph Pilates originally used his technique to help injured athletes and dancers safely return to exercise and maintain their fitness. These days Pilates caters for everyone, from beginner to advanced, as there is no sweating or straining and your muscles are never worked to exhaustion. It is just a matter of concentration, placement, rhythm and breathing. Pilates exercises are designed to lengthen and stretch all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced way. Each exercise is performed with attention to proper technique, breathing and abdominal muscle control. As a result Pilates also strengthens and tones your ‘core muscles’ - your abdominals, lower back, hips and buttocks. The exercises sequence is performed in low repetitions, usually five to ten times, over a session of 45 to 90 minutes. To gain the maximum benefit, you should do Pilates at least two or three times per week. The health benefits of Pilates include: improved flexibility, posture, balance and stability increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks improved muscular control of your back and limbs improved stability of your spine safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries prevention of musculoskeletal injuries stress management and relaxation increased lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing increased body awareness How do

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Choosing a treadmill that’s right for you

Choosing a treadmill that's right for you Treadmills are a great option for general home fitness or for the serious runner who wants the extra flexibility of all-weather running. Almost anything you can do on a street run or walk you can do on a treadmill. Hills, tempo, intervals, long distance – any time, in all weather. But how do you avoid your expensive new treadmill becoming that unwanted machine in the corner of your rumpus room? The simplest way is to buy the treadmill that is right for you and your budget. How much should I pay for a treadmill? This depends on what you are using it for, and how often, as well as what extra functions you want. Entry level models (less than $1000) – suitable for walking only, limited functions. Basic models ($1000 to $1500) - suitable for jogging and light running. Includes features like auto incline. Intermediate models ($1500 to $3000) – suitable for more serious running. Good quality, powerful motors with suspension running decks and extra workout options. Usually the best value option for regular use and durability. Advanced/semi-commercial models ($3000+) – a long-term investment, these models have larger running decks, stronger frames and more powerful motors that can take the extra punishment of long distance or frequent use. What things should I look for when buying a treadmill? There are some key things to consider when looking at the range of different treadmills for sale. Running belt size The ideal running belt size is relative to your stride length and gait (the natural side-to-side movement everyone has when they walk or run). The taller you are the longer your walking or running stride. Your gait will determine the best width

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Discounts for seniors and pensioners

Did you know Mr Treadmill offers an automatic 5% discount on all treadmills and other fitness equipment to seniors and pensioners? Simply show your Seniors Card or Pension Concession Card and get a discount on anything in store (excludes items already on sale and Pilates reformers).

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